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We refrain from doing an hourly pricing model simply because every event and/or client’s needs are different. Every event is quoted on an individual basis and we typically do “blocks” of time on our contracts.

Our bartenders arrive with mixing tools such as jiggers, shakers, strainers, garnish holders, ice scoops, hand sanitizer, speed pourers, bar caddies, napkins, and straws. Additional items such as cups, ice, and mixers can be added on upon request. Servers arrive with serving trays, stands, rubber gloves.

We provide you with a complimentary shopping guide upon request after you book with us.

8 weeks notice is great, but we strive to accommodate short notice requests whenever we can.

The date & time frame of your event, services you need (for example, do you need to rent a portable bar? Do you prefer a male bartender?) the type of event it is, how many people are attending, and the age demographic.

Choose from our standards: “clean & simple” all black, “business” white shirt/black slacks, or “Country Club Black Tie” business” white shirt/black slacks, black vest and necktie. We can also accommodate special requests such as club wear, themed attire or attire with your company or event logo.

We offer different gratuity options for those clients needing discretion with regard to gratuity.

Every booking requires a deposit. LED BAR Rentals, Larger events and Cocktail Catering deposits may vary.

Throwing a party is lots of work in and of itself. The act of designing and setting up a bar, especially for a large party, is no easy feat. Especially if your party is at an out of the way venue— transporting and setting up the bar can be quite daunting. It’s a large amount of coolers, ice, sodas, alcohol, beers, mixers, cups, napkins, portable bars, ect— enough stuff (and trust us, we know!) to fill up a cargo van.

Who wants to load and unload all that stuff when they are dressed up in their fancy party duds? The logic behind our Cocktail Catering service is quite simple: Miami Bartender Babe, LLC. as professional bartenders will do all of this for you.

We will consult, plan, prepare, shop for, and deliver all of the required tools and ingredients, alcoholic and otherwise, to provide your guests with an Open Bar experience for a predetermined amount of time. We leave no detail uncovered. My Open Bars are AWESOME! We can supply as much or as little as you need. If you only need us to bring the ice and mixers, we can do that, too.

I like to explain to my Cocktail Catering clients that they are paying for the Open Bar exerience/service as whole and not the individual products themselves. However, as a courtesy to our Cocktail Catering clients, we leave a very generous “mini bar” behind. Because we can’t resell alcohol (it’s against the law) we need to take all of our unopened bottles and mixers back with us.

We have a strong stance against underage drinking. We will in no way serve or supply minors with alcohol. Certain events w/ a younger demographic may require the booking party to be over the age of 25 & w/ proof of ID. Upon booking with us, we request that a liability waiver and claims release is signed by the host and/or homeowner.

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard. We can send you an electronic invoice that can be paid with your credit card, simply request this upon booking.


Don’t see your event bartender question above? No problem. Send us a message or call us today at 305-613-5953.

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